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  1. High School examination 56/60, year 1976/77
  2. Graduated cum laude as Naval Architect and Mechanical Engineer at the University of Naples, Fa­culty of Engineering, on 28th October 1982 - title of graduation thesis: "Studio sulla propulsione a vela per una nave da 25000 TPL" (Study of sail propulsion of a 25000 TDW ship).
  3. Cco-author of the following works dealing the same subject:
  4. "Prospettive  di  impiego della propulsione a vela nei trasporti marittimi", pubblished by ATTI maga­zine, Nos. 96-97, edited by Istituto Italiano di Na vigazione.
  5. "Proposal  of  sail    system  for the propulsion of a 25000 TDW bulk-carrier", presented at Sout­hampton on the occasion of the Windtech '85 Inter­national Symposium of Windship technology.
  6. The latter work was published by a specialised re­view, the Motor Ship, in June 1985, and by Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, No. 19, 1985.
  7. From September 1983 until March 1986,  worked as designer at Aeritalia, factory of Pomigliano d'Arco (Naples),.
  8. He attended courses of aerospace technique, Cad-Cam, structural stress and composite material.
  9. He experienced technical processing of plastic and light alloy materials and their mechanical cha­racteristics, as well as destructive and non-destruc­tive tests of these selfsame material
  10. From  April 1986  until January 1989 the undersigned has worked as technical collaborator for Studio Tec­nico Navale F.I.R.E. of San Giovanni a Teduccio, Na­ples.
  11. During that period of time with F.I.R.E., Ing. D’Antonio intervened as Technical adviser on behalf of Shipowning Companies, Insurance Companies and various P&I Clubs in connection with a great number of ships involved in accidents.
  12. Expert in RINA’s regulations concerning ships’ stabi­lity, safety, structures (inclining tests, Trim and Stability Booklet, Grain Loading, Load Line, Art. 35 Safety Regulations, O.I.L., etc).
  13. As designer, Ing. D’Antonio looked after, among others, the following works approved by Registro Italiano Navale:
    1. Conversion  to  single-deck   of several  general cargo ship;
    2. New bow for a passenger ship;
    3. Conversion  to  cement  carrier  of No. 3 general cargo ships;
    4. Increase of  capacity load from  4 axis/ton  to 12 axis/ton of a Ro-Ro ship deck and increase of ca­pacity load of a elevator from 25 tons to 45 tons of the same ship.
  14. Operator for the thickness measurements, with UM 1 Certifications issued by Registro Italiano Navale
  15. Technical consultant to primary Insurance Companies - Transport Departments, both maritime  and land mattes
  16. Technical Consultant to primary Financial Companies and Institutes of Credit for the estimation and evolution of wear condition of ship’s and pleasure boat.
  17. Technical Consultant appointed by the Naples and Torre Annunziata Courts both in the general list and in the specific one for marine casualties; presently the writer is a member of Register of Technicians of the Torre Annunziata Courts
  18. Member of the Professional Order of Engineers of the Province of Naples since 28.01.1986, under No. 9313
  19. Member of Technical Staff of the Harbour Master Office of Torre del Greco (Naples)
  20. Member of the National Register of Insurance Surveyors, Reg. No. 2649
  21. Partner to Associazione Ingegneri Periti di Avarie Marittime (AIPAM) -  Association of Engineers Surveyors of Damage at Sea
  22. Partner to Associazione Italiana Periti Trasporti (A.I.Per.T) - Italian Association of Transport  Surveyors
  23. Regular teacher of  “Mechanical Technology” from September 1992 to September 1998 at High Schools
  24. Non exclusive Surveyor to Panama Bureau of Shipping Inc. for Southern Italy and Italy Islands
  25. Technical Manager and DPA (Designated Person Ashore) of Euroshipco S.r.l., Società di Gestione Tecnica (Technical Managing Company) certified by R.I.N.A. (Registro Italiano Navale - Italian Register of Shipping) with Document of Conformity (D.O.C.) for the Technical Management of Cargo Ships (Bulk Carriers) until 2002
  26. He is normally appointed to ascertain/inspect damages by various P&I Clubs, among which: The British Marine Mutual, The Standard Steamship, Steamship, the UK, West of England, Gard, Skuld, etc.